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in a matter of minutes
My name is Joel Thielke, Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of Motivational Hypnotherapy.

Every time you turn on the TV or go online, you're being bombarded with negative messages about how hard these times are. All of these negative messages can lead us down the road of depression, fear, and anxiety; you might feel helpless or feel grief. Those feelings and emotions can lead us to create circumstances and habits that can last a lifetime.

I created these audio programs for our front line responders. Immediately we started hearing and seeing a positive impact on easing people's stress and anxiety rapidly. We realized that everyone has these pressures and worries, not just the front line responders.

Exactly What You're Getting
We decided to make "The Comfort Kit" free for everyone; this is one of the ways we can contribute and do our part during this crisis. Create peace, calm, hope, and motivation. 

The comfort kit includes:

Morning Meditation
To start out your day in a positive state of mind
Stress Relief Affirmations
 You can do these at any time of day or night to relieve anxiety
Unlimited Motivation Affirmations
These will give you energy and motivation
Be Anxiety Free Hypnosis
Great for taking a break and bringing down the stress levels
Positive Thinking - Sleep Learning
Go to sleep on a positive note and wake up refreshed
8 Hour Sleep Cycle - Stop Emotional Eating
This sleep option helps curb emotional binge eating
PLUS a Self Care Checklist
Check in with yourself and take care of your body and mind.
Just add your first name and email, and we will quickly email you a link with everything in the "Comfort Kit."

We're Offering It For A Short Time 
So Claim Your Copy Now 
Before They're All Gone
Joel C. Thielke
Master Hypnotherapist | NLP Practitioner
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